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Start speaking Spanish and stop studying grammar

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Learn to speak Spanish without grammar. Spanish Audio-Lessons. AUTHENTIC SPANISH

You can read and write, but NOW what you really need to improve is your Spanish speaking skills?

LRS offers 30 Spanish audio lessons with a natural, powerful and effective method.

The method focuses on understanding and active listening as the key to language learning.

Our philosophy relies on a fresh and active approach to language learning. It is what language learners need, so that they can speak fluently.

This method has been tested with Spanish learners from thirty countries around the world. The successful results have inspired us to develop a comprehensive method. The results is native- like speech and pronunciation.

Become fluent in Spanish.

You know lots of grammar rules but you get nervous when it comes to speaking Spanish?

Now it´s time to become a fluent speaker without wrestling with grammar.

From day one you will be exposed to the real Spanish every day, simulating a deep and intensive immersion course, through audio lessons in Spanish. There are no classes or textbook to follow, no more confusing information about grammar rules.

The Immersion method will activate your brain to absorb the language intuitively by listening, listening and listening during a six month period.

Speaking, is an automatic and natural outcome of listening and understanding, as the first can´t develop without the second. The ability to speak fluently, arises as a result of the former months doing active listening. The equation is simple: listening + understanding= speaking.

Learn the real Spanish language spoken in real life.

Would you like to speak Spanish as it is used outside the classroom, in real life?

Listening to real life stories does not only makes it a lot more fun, we want you to immerse yourself in the real language, spoken by native speakers on a daily basis. You will enjoy listening to meaningful conversations with real human beings (Kike and Carmen).


Learn Spanish with really comprehensible and effective material, which is seductive enough to keep you motivated. We want you to live and feel our culture, love our language and to be able to practice it with confidence, after a 6 month listening term.


A powerful method based on listening audio files in Spanish.

You don´t have time to attend regular Spanish classes?

Learn on the go, whenever you want and wherever you feel like it!

You can download Spanish audio lessons instantly as mp3 files and listen to this Spanish audio online, on your mp3 player or iPod.

Imagine making Spanish listening part of your daily life for 30 minutes or 1 hour. And imagine you can also have the flexibility to do it whenever you find the time and wherever you want (while lying on the couch, running, going for a walk in the forest or during any idle time).

You won´t be studying Spanish, you will be doing an activity you enjoy. Make the habit of listening a passion!!!


Active learning with questions and answers. COMPREHENSIVE SPANISH COURSE.

"Learn Real Spanish" is not another online Spanish course, it´s a deep immersion method to help you speak as a native speaker.

Change old and ineffective learning systems for an easy, clear and powerful method!




Download our free sample lesson today. Try it for an entire week and send us your feedback!


I had been learning Spanish using grammar books, audio tapes and every other kind of learning tool available. But I noticed the more I learned, the less I was inclined to speak the language because I was becoming too concerned about using the correct grammar and building my vocabulary. Then I came across 'Learn Real Spanish' online. Since I was at a standstill in my efforts, I decided to give it a try. Initially, I thought it was way over my head since I'm just a beginner. But within only a few weeks, I was no longer self-conscious about speaking the language and soon after that I was actually understanding what Spanish speakers were saying. I've come to realize that to speak Spanish, I first needed to learn how to listen to it.

(Ryan, Monterey, US)



I've spoken "some" Spanish for most of my life. Several months ago I decided to finally improve my command of the language and become a truly fluent speaker. Thanks to the LRS approach and system I believe I will achieve that goal over the next year. I find the system easy to use and enjoy an hour of active listening almost daily. Already I have noticed that my vocabulary is increasing but more importantly I find it easier to think in Spanish rather than translating as I go. I'm very happy with the approach and enjoy my daily Spanish regime.

(Jude Carrillo, Canada)

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